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Arton Krasniqi

CEO / Graphic Design & Video

Graduated on Visual Arts, with a work experience over 15 years in graphic design, video and photography. Excellent with cameras and piloting helicam


Arben Shkupolli

Web Developer

When it comes to coding and slicing, this is the man. Excellent teammate specialized with javascript, PHP coding and HTML slicing


Avni Krasniqi

Sound Design & Composition

Master Degree on Arts – Music Degree, with a work experience over 15 years composing and audio postproduction, for movies, commercials, etc.


Ilir Balaj

Graphic Design @ Photographer

Master Degree on Visual Arts, with a work experience over 7 years in visual arts and illustration. Great ability in creative illustrations and info graphics


Tickmedia is a creative studio created by a group of friends with various skills focused in providing creative solutions for brand development
and other brand associated products

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