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Tickmedia is a multimedia solutions and a digital media design company committed to innovative design ideas and customer satisfaction. Although a small company in size, Tickmedia offers services of web design and development, audio & video production, search engine promotion and graphics design.

Established in 2005, tickmedia considers its team of, pre-press and press professionals, web consultants, creative designers and marketing professionals its greatest treasure. As a complete design and print solutions company we offer customer-oriented services with effective delivery as our main objective. Strategic thinking, cutting edge innovative design, and most importantly enthusiastic ambitious approach to our projects are some of the characteristics which set us apart as a company and as a team. Our pro-active, business-driven approach for more than five years has built us a reputation of creating positive returns for our clients.

As our portfolio reveals our clientele ranges from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to governmental institutions and ministries. We seek to continue to hold our reputation as a reliable company with long-term vision and we understand that customer satisfaction is the number one priority which will help us achieve this noble goal. We are confident that our team possesses the expertise necessary to successfully carry out this project. 


Being only colleagues is not enough. You have to be a good friend to share the same ideas and thoughts. This is how we avoided long debates or dilemmas and focused on excellent results, in line with the constant trends and technology changes

Our work is based on the distribution of duties to the group, each of us performs in the best way we can or knows. Finally the whole group does a full review if something needs to be improved, or it gets blessing of whole team. That's it. We are not super - humans but we are pleased when we give the best of ourselves.


Each of us began working early, when we were kids and we had different passions, but the love of art and creativity distinguish us since childhood through sketches and drawings that were part of children's imagination. This is the story of each of us

We never ceased feeding our fantasy and imagination despite the difficulties that we were forced to face, we never gave up on our passion, believing with full conviction that better times are coming, so did happen, better times came.


Our team did not join due to any agreement or plan, but everything happened spontaneously when we found ourselves working together in perfect harmony, like a single mind. This is how Tickmedia was born, an enterprise consisting of a team made by close friends with a imagination and creativity that exceeds challenges and expectations of each friend or client.

The ability to respond to each request, simple or complex, continually improved us. We learned from our mistakes to not repeat them, and success motivated us to be even better Commitment, dedication and love for our work, brought us wide clientele ranging from governmental institutions and large local and international companies



Commitment and excellent results. This is our focus. Continues improvement and adaptation to the constant technological and principals changes. We are strongly focused in quality and responsibility like:

  • Work based on the highest standards
  • Respect for deadlines
  • Answer to each question made by by clients
  • Full responsibility

We believe that these principles are fundamental for cooperation and friendly relationship with each client. We are pleased with our work when it meets high quality standards including here customer requirements and goals


Tickmedia is a creative studio created by a group of friends with various skills focused in providing creative solutions for brand development
and other brand associated products

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